Mission Awareness Group

Missions Support at Mackay and Sarina

Our church tithes 1/10th of its income to mission. The Mission Awareness Group is a group established within our church with the responsibility of directing giving, and prayer support, to missionaries and mission organisations. The MAG does so in accordance with the following principles:

  1. To support with prayer and finance both home and overseas missions on an equal basis where possible.
  2. To endeavor, where possible to make personal contact with the mission personnel we are supporting in prayer and finance; and
  3. To support those missionaries and mission groups of reformed persuasion and Presbyterian doctrine.

Who We Support On A Monthly Basis

From  2013, the Mackay, Sarina and Northern Beaches Presbyterian Church (via the MAG) is financially supporting each of the following individuals and organisations on a monthly basis:

  • “Bible Translators of Papua New Guinea” is a Wycliffe based organisation, who sponsor bible translators who are PNG nationals, translating the scriptures into their own languages.
  • Rick and Kayleen Manton pastor the Mt Druitt Indigenous Church in Sydney. This area has one of the highest concentrations of Indigenous Australians in NSW.
  • Rev Kevin Murray is the national  director of the Australian Presbyterian World Mission (APWM) which coordinate the mission support of the Australian Presbyterian Church.
  • Richard and Linda Buchanan
  • Chandra Smith
  • Scripture Union Chaplaincy in Mackay and Sarina. Through positive and supportive relationships, SU QLD aims to help young people with everyday life issues, as well as the more critical ones like substance abuse, relationship issues, family breakdown, stress, anxiety and low self-esteem.

Who We Support On An Annual Basis

From  2013, our church (via the MAG) is financially supported each of the following individuals and organisations on an annual basis:

  • Bible League – Good Friday Collection
  • Tear Australia – Christmas Day Collection
  • The Leprosy Mission
  • Open Doors
  • Myanmar Theological College
  • Gideons

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